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Search for your cat in a mysterious pandemic!

 "In the year 202x. During a "mysterious" global pandemic and a city-wide lockdown, your cat "Jcat" is missing. It's been 5 days and there's still no sign of him. Can you find him and save him from starving in the street? Can you uncover the secret of his disappearance?"

Game Objective: As the player "You", you’ll walk the streets of Berlin, exploring the neighbourhood, searching for clues and talking to the locals to try and track down where Jcat might have gone. The playtime is about 30 mins, hope you enjoy it!
-3 endings in total!
-Save and load the game with ESC Key

Installation instruction:
You don't have to donate if you don't want to, I'd thank you twice in advance if you decide to do so :)!  Otherwise, just skip the donation to download the game directly! Thanks for playing!

Mac: Download the Bubble Jcat.dmg , open it within the installer, you might find the installer on your desktop after you double click the dmg file.
You might have to change your privacy to allow the app to run:
System Preference>  Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from > App Store and identified developers (Click the lock to make changes)

Windows: Download the exe file, double click to run.

Last year I returned to my hometown to bring my cat of 13 years to Berlin. Shortly after the pandemic and lockdown began. I wasn't able to pinpoint what I felt exactly; everything felt surreal. It was  a mess, out of control. Toilet paper was running out in the supermarket, misinformation was everywhere and people were panicking. Could you have imagined such a thing before 2020? People were shut up at home, shops closed down, some temporarily, some for good. The streets were quiet for a while, with people out only for their necessary shopping and apparently church (???). At first people didn’t take it seriously, got caught out and fined for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seeing how world governments were mishandling the situation, the spreading sense of dread, the growing backlash and developing conspiracy theories, it was clear that this would be for the long haul. Unable to have fun outside, to engage with people actively and socially, I instead spent a year learning to make a game from scratch. With some help from my partner and my friends, it's finally done!

Special thanks to: 

Romain Gauthier for the awesome BG Music 
Andrew K. Morrison for the game theme song "Dead End"
Rob Procter for the final game editing
My friends who helped to test the game
And finally my cat, the muse of this game

Bubble Jcat Original Theme Song - Dead End by Andrew K Morrison

Bubble Jcat Original Theme Song - Dead End by Andrew K Morrison

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Cats, Cute, Horror, Narrative, pandemic, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I love love love the art in this, the palette, the dithers the animations everything!!

p.s. protagonist: please move the kitchen houseplant to the window sill, she’s too far away, it’s too dark, plants need sun

thank you for playing the game!! I really appreciated it and your comments 😊

 the plant absolutely needs more sunlight that's why the protagonist sucks at keeping plants alive 😭


really sweet game! The puzzles were great, I thought i was totally lost once or twice but I figure out my next step pretty fast and never got too stuck, it was very rewarding! Totally recommend this heartfelt game

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the very sweet comment and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Itch has a lot of interesting stuff, I agree, so I’m glad to be adding to that. (And the door puzzle is everyone’s enemy, don’t worry!)


finally finished the game, sorry for the long delay.

Thanks for finishing the game! just so you know the game have 3 endings this is the bad ending, I know it isnt easy to play again if you are curious just check out some good ending from other people's video haha. Anyway thanks for playing and make this video I really appreciated :)


I got 2 endings and I think I can guess the last one. Was it in the second ending I used the fang necklace (or don't and die) or forget his food (and die)?

Also, It's a great game, but the code on the wall of the church made it less enjoyable for a bit it took me like half an hour to get it, and that was out of pure luck. SO MABEY FIX THAT? 



Just uploaded a bonus to episode 2. Short 5 min. Next episode will be the final episode. This game is really interesting and how the we build up the puzzle to finish this game. Anyways, enjoy :D 
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I liked the game so much! I gotta say that my favourite thing were the sprites and all the scenary in general. The game is sooo pretty! <3 

Can't say much about the history because i haven't been able to do more than 1 ending... but so far it's good! I liked so much the plot twists and the things that happens in the church are just -cheff kiss- 


My partner and I played 30 minutes of the game and will finish it soon. I have to say that this game is oozing with style. We both love everything from the art, the music, and the characters. Don't know how this will end but it has us hook. We both seen your painting and happy that your style looks great as a game. Looking forward to future games you make!

Aw thanks so much for the play through! I love you guy's commentary! sounds so fun!


OMG!!!! This game got some really great twist! We just finished it and have to say we made the *wrong* decision at the end. We could've  done something else but we totally forgot and was nervous on making the decision. 


Finally recorded episode 2, im loving this game

Finally a ep 2 can't wait to watch it :D

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for playing! Amazing playthrough I like the acting! you got the worse and the best ending congrats:)!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the acting. Your game was amazing!! I really did feel as if I was in a ghibli studio movie!!😁👍


THIS GAME OST ITS TOO LI.I had to drop a freestyle on this music. lol anyways this is a nice adventurist game i played.

Love the rap love the editing, thanks a lot LOLL


Dear Joysugamu, what an adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this game but that door puzzle, it brought me to my knees, it nearly made me rage quit, it inspired a very long rant (it also let me overcomplicate things and solve something that wasn’t even needed). If you ever watch my Playthrough, don’t stop when I get cranky because after my 5-minute rant you managed to reel me in within SECONDS with that formidable ending, that blessed, visually striking ending. Bravo. 


Hi Hula Noob! Thanks for the play-through, it's really amazing! It's a fair comment about that part you were frustrated, we actually fixed that part that we saw others also getting confused with!


You know, it's quite rare that developers immediately listen to feedback and change things, so this is amazing on your part, thank you on behalf of other overthinkers :D Also, I hope to see further games by you, I loved the whole package (visuals, gameplay, story and music). 


I liked the game. I hope your game is loved.

Thank you <3

You're welcome.


This is a really well-made game, I can tell there was a lot of effort put into it. Unique story and twists that are somewhat unforeseeable. The music and pixilated style was also very beautiful. Great job! 


Thank you so much for your let's play and comment! I am really glad you enjoyed it!!!


wonderful games ever (the church puzzle really confusing,it took me a long time to do it) 

i had a cat before ,it reminds me of my cat ;)

other puzzles is simple and interesting :)

(forgive my poor English)

Thanks for playing and glad it reminds you of your cat :)))


Jumping in with praise mirroring previous comments. Lovely game, a very relatable setting (given the lockdowns in so many places), and a surprising twist which... let's just say, it amplifies my preference for dogs over cats. :) Jcat is adorable nonetheless. 

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Thanks so much, I am watching your video right now, enjoying the commentary so much, great job on your side <3

Thank you for the kind words. Great work with this project. :)

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Thanks for gameplay video ^^!


yume kawaii kind of vibe [happy]

Aw Thanks <3


Man this game is good! Love the storyline and music, the feel of the game is great too! I made a gameplay video here:

oh yeah, also great job Joysugamu! That door password though, it's so smart :D

Thanks for the playthroug and appreciation, glad U enjoyed it 😊


This was such a delight to play! My cat won't kidnap me after watching this will they? Thank you for a cute game for pandemic sake. Much appreciated Joysugamu and team!

* Clever Clever on the password and endings (^- ^)


Wow thanks for the playthrough i can't wait to watch it yeahhhh!!!!

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I kept side eyeing my cat all evening. Now I'm afraid to sleep. I'll never trust my cat again. Keep up the good work.


Thanks so much for the video!!

And beware of the cats 😹

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I Swear to the all mighty man above (Or not) I'll find Jcat if my little pixelated life depends on it.

Seriously though, this game is a gorgeous little gem that'll sit as one of my very top games that i've done on my channel so far.


OH gosh, I can't wait to see your let's play, thanks for doing the let's play and liking the game <3


I EpiEEEasoafi

I just released Part 2 of the playthrough on my channel.

Little side note; The animations you did for our character moving around are terrific.

I love seeing how much love and detail visibly went into the creation of this game


Thanks for the playthrough it's fun to watch and also ur appreciation, anything for jcat 😭!


Wasn't expecting to find a dead man today, but finding Jcat remains the most important thing todo.

Dead man or not, I've got a cat to find

(The Final Episode of my Playthrough is coming out on Monday. Until then, have fun watching the video) - HardDuckman :)


"Wasn't expecting to find a dead man today, but finding Jcat remains the most important thing todo."

Yes I agree 

Can't wait for the final episode!!

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The phone cord puzzle seems impossible, I noticed even the youtube vid posted yesterday got stuck there and was unable to progress. Is there an element missing from that level?

Specifically I'm playing the windows version.

Just figured it out with the help of a hex editor and examining the level data file! The interactable part of the element that contains the cord only covers a tiny portion of said element, you might want to take a look at it and expand it to cover the entire thing.


Hey thanks for the comment! Thanks for letting me know the issue, I will fix it for the next build, really appreciate it!!


Omg well done for finishing, Joy!!! I just got it, going to play but i love the art!! ♥

Wow thanks for download the game Marby!!!

Let me know how do you feel about it 😊💜 take your time tho!

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so sweet game

Thanks for the play-through!!!!

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Pleeeease, what's the name of the song that plays in the church and in the good ending? I'm sooo in love with it but dont find nowhere

PS: Great point and click game. Congratulations!

Hey! The song isn't in anywhere else yet, my friend Andy composed and performed the song, he gonna make a bandcamp and put the song there I will let you know while I have the link asap. Thanks for playing the game :D!!!

Hey now you can listen to the song here! thanks for your support ^^!


Very fun point and click adventure! I didn’t expect the twists toward the end. This game had some good humor to it! I love the art style and the color palette was very appealing as well. The music was also well done! The puzzles and choices associated with them felt like they required some good amount of thinking and were rewarding to solve.

It would be nice if there was a message to let you know how to save and load the game near the beginning. Especially since the choices made seem to matter a lot! I learned about being able to save the game the hard way, only after beating the game. T_T It wasn’t too long of a trek back once you know what to do though.

Overall, great game! Nice job on this! :)


Hey Wow! Thank you for your play through and suggestion! I really enjoyed your commentary a lots!  We definitely will take note for the "save game" part! Will make it clearer for the save and load in the next build!